Nigeria: Christmas during hard times by Muhammad Muntasir Adamu

Congratulations to our fellow Christian brothers for a successful Christmas celebration. Even though there was some minor hiccups especially in the North from the shootings in Bauchi a day to Christmas, attack on a Church in Yobe, assassination attempt on the life of a Local Government Chairman in kano, the stealing of a two months old baby on Christmas day, fire in some part of Lagos Island and so on. It is so sad and painful what our nation is going through at this critical moments of our national history.

I want to use this medium to call out on Nigerians from all and sundry to never lose faith on this nation. I know for sure that there is a divine interventions and reasons why Nigeria still remain a one strong indissoluble and indivisible nation regardless of attempts to break this nation.  We all owe Nigeria a duty to leave her more than we received her from our father. I know times are hard but I see great and good days ahead of us as a nation. I pray that we will all see that functional and vibrant Nigeria of our dreams. One love


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