Nigeria, Northern Nigeria and Boko Haramites By Muhammad Muntasir Adamu

An old Yoruba adage says “the death that will take you doesn’t call by your name”

For the past three years, The Northern Nigeria has been under sieges which are both internal and external. The North’s economy has gone from manage to damage, her people are killed every day like flies that the number is too much that we have lost counts. Cities like Maiduguri, Damaturu, Potiskum and many others have been turned into battle field by Nigerian troops and the insurgents. I spoke to some friends of mine Sani Usman hardo in Damaturu and Aaron Amos in Maiduguri who both lamented on the long curfews and fears that ordinary citizens are faced with everyday. Businesses shut down, People leaving in fear and taking refuge only in their houses. Aaron who is a student of University of Maiduguri said “Every day when I leave home for school and return back safe and sound, I give all the glory to God” and Sani said “As we speak, a bomb blasted some meters away from my house three hours ago, it is so sad. Allah ya kyauta”. The both conversations were last couple of months.

So many times I have shed tears, been depressed, throw insults to our leaders and to us also the followers for our actions and inactions since when this drama began regardless of colours(differences).

The problem of the North, South, East or West should be the problem for all unlike how today when many are saying the North should solve their problems themselves. I dare say where is the Nigeria blood that flows in all of us? Where is the brotherliness? Where is love? I guess we have all lost it. My first allegiance lies with the Nigeria state before my region.  I therefore call on our brothers from other regions of the country to join hands with us in fighting these insurgencies we are facing now.

Like I said earlier the death that will take you, does not call you by your name as such, we such should all wake up to cleanse our nation of all this negative vices  from  Official Boko Haram, Boko harams, kidnapping, robbery and all the others before it consumes us all. One love


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