POEM: Virtuous Woman by @muntasirkanam

                                          Virtuous Woman so strong and true

Hold your head up high the world is not against you.


You are strong, intelligent, beautiful and divine.


Men will honor, respect your heart and your mind.


Take some time to yourself,


Learn to love you first- both inside and out


You are not inferior to any man


Remember you are a queen


Stand up for your rights, your hopes and your dreams


Stop belittling yourself; you are more than your looks or your hair


Everyday that you get up face the world without fear


For although you are a wife, friend and a mother


You are God’s child and I promise that he will love you like no other


So anytime you feel like the world is on your shoulders


Remember you have the strength of a soldier


Do not get sad or frustrated


Look in that mirror


And say with veneration


I am a virtuous woman, strong and true


Guide my steps today God, for my work is through you.


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