A VERSE TO BARE by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

U doon, dearest love
Ka nyi? What lies behind your resigned stare
the wrinkled crease, do you wonder what lies behind mine
or is my soul to you bare?
I compose these, line after line
to release the words of our shared trove

As you wonder or know
I stay here bringing my heart to show
what you might not feel
the flooding of my zeal
for you and us
That I forgive but don’t make this worse

Live on and look into my eyes
they might kill your continued sighs
for words might lie
and actions question why
but my eyes and my soul if you stare
dearest, would show my love bare.







*U doon: [Tiv] A term of endearment
*Ka nyi: [Tiv] What is it?


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