They say as fathers we are supposed to lead by example

But what happens when we run out of options to give an example

Like, all she needed was for you to say

“Jenni, make sure to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

And John, a smelly feet is disgusting so

Always keep your stockings clean and air your shoes to dry.

And do not be afraid to call me daddy after I rebuke you.

And do not always run to your mother coz

She would never refuse you.

And that sometimes makes me feel like a bad father”.

Today’s father barely knows his kids.

Today’s father celebrates a session of corporate duties and good deeds

But never listens when his little boy reads.

Today’s father picks up his phone more times than he

Picks up his boy’s sweatshirt to say

“Boy, put this on because it’s gonna get pretty cold in school today”.

So every time he has something to say, he walks his mother’s direction.

Today’s father knows nothing about today’s father

To be what today’s father was taught by his own father:

To walk the father way, live, sit, talk, and act the father way;

Because that way, we cannot forget your teachings from the other day-

So today’s father now knows better

[So] He taught me and I remember how how…

How my shoes should have equal strides with my legs when I walk.

My hands in my pocket to

Feign arrogance and increase my confidence when I talk.

My both knees on the floor with my head bowed,

When I talk to that father who decided to make me a man.

All these words your silence spoke

These rules on grounds you wrote.

So I dare to call you father coz

When I didn’t learn it was my mistake.

My stubbornness you couldn’t take coz

While I was awake it was sleep I faked.

All these are the words from a man your seed did make.

[So] Today, today’s father knows enough about today’s father

To be what today’s father was taught by his own father



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