O Enchantress by Muhammad Muntasir Adamu

O enchantress,

This spell is so unbreakable

Cos I have fallen  too deep and

It has taken over every facet of me; my body and soul

Oh, I love the way I keep loving you


O echantress,

At the prouncement of your name,

It comes with etheral fragrance

Which gives me sweet illisions, hallucinaions and confusions

All at the same time.


O echantress,

Looking at you won’t just do,

Instead, I prefere to stare at you

And while staring at you,

I try not to blink my eyes

So that I won’t  miss a thing

Cos the sight of you put me in raptures.


O enchantress,

I feel so blessed when  I think of you

And it touches every fibre of my being

Cos like the reed in the wind,

I will always bend to your wishes.


O enchantress,

Every heart has its desires

If only people will realize that.

As such, you don’t love yourself

As much as I love you

Cos without you, I feel restless


O echantress,

You are my shinning light and compass rose

When am lost, your love always leads me to the right path

Oh, I am so lost in your magic.


O enchantress,

I want you to want me,

I need you to need me,

I love you to love me

Cos  for you am giving my head the permission to  follow my heart

Oh my lady, am not the one talking;

Love is…


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