One month, then two, three, then a year, then two years and now three years, time still has refused to erase  this darkness that has enveloped me,  our father, my siblings and your whole family since you left. For three years now I have attempted to write about the woman who carried me for nine months in her womb, breast fed me for months, washed my nappy for years, who I bit while sucking milk as a baby, puked and poop on her  clothes, yet She stood by me for eighteen years of my life. I try drawing strength from friends, ran to the embrace of family. I try as much as possible to keep myself busy, but all my effort seems abortive. The shoes you left since your departure are yet to be filled and can never be filled because you are a rare gem, a gold among thousand beads and a one in a million mother.

It was 30th October 2010; I hadn’t the slightest thought of any idea that my life was going to change. It was the day we lost our admirable, loving, and hitherto indispensable mother Aisha.  I was on my way to school when I received the call that she was gone forever and it pierced through me like a sharp razor leaving its mark on my skin. It was accompanied by tears and sorrow from family, neighbours, friends, and acquaintances that all mourned and wept because we have lost an irreplaceable woman. I couldn’t hold my tears and my elder sister fainted when she saw the lifeless body of our mother lying on the bed. I remember also how traumatized I was when her body was lowered to the grave which is now her place of abode pending the resurrection day.

She was a wonderful woman and in my sentiment, the best mother to have graze the earth. She was a loving, caring, considerate, thoughtful, understanding and kind hearted woman. She is also the type of wife and mother every husband and child hopes for. We all miss you mother. Our father misses you, your mother (our Grandmother), your brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours all miss you. We draw solace from the knowledge that you are in a better place.

She was a woman whose selfness, kindness, generosity, and complaisance were inexpressibly boundless: a woman whose whole life was defined by her compulsive urge to help others. Many times she often deny herself the best things of life just for our sake and for that she has proved herself as one of the best of her kind who can and would sacrifice her own happiness and comfort just for the sake of those she loved. By her death, the world has lost one of the purest hearts, one of cleanest hands, and one of the kindest souls that have ever walked this earth.

Even though am still a student, I once made a promised to myself since before going to the university that I will spend the whole of my first ever salary on my parent after my graduation. I wish she will be around with me and also to see my weeding and watch her grandchildren growing up when the times comes by God’s grace. The good about this sadness is that Allah knows why and InSha Allah she is happy where she is and we are prayerful that Allah will join us together at the favoured of final abodes Al-Jannatul Firdaus. Her thoughts have remained green in our hearts; we miss her today and always.

If I am given a choice in the hereafter to choose a mother or if there is a second coming to this world, I will not hesitate to come back as your son because the best gift God has ever given me. May Allah  forgive give you all your short comings. I wrote her a poem when passed away and I will love to share it with you all:


You are the sweetest gift in my life

A builder of generation of heroes

A moon among thousand stars

Nothing could ever be compared to your warmness

Your true love and care for us never fades

Always putting us straight when we are astray

Your picture in our eyes is so unforgettable

Your beautiful smiles is our biggest weakness

We are proud to your children

Cos you are a mother to be proud of

We missed you as days passes by

Beyond your sweetest imaginations

Our biggest wish is that you are rest in a safer place

Cos you are mother to humanity

Willing to give the last she has to make us happy

Cos we are your stars and your future

You are indeed the best mum in the world

The gift we will cherish forever.

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