My dream girl by Muhammad Muntasir Adamu

For A…

O dream girl,

A locus of beauty

Your face is prettier than the moon

You have the smile of thousand splendid suns

Since the day you smiled at me,

My world suddenly turned anew.


O dream girl,

There is one thing which I know for sure;

You can have all the men in this world if you so wish

Yes we all know that we don’t deserve you

But just the possibility is enough to sustain us.

I’m glad that you find me as the most suitable prey

To possess you even when demography shows

That the world has more than a billion men scouting for you.


O dream girl,

You are entering into my life

And I can hear your footsteps

You are priceless gem that I will never forsake

A treasure in my heart that I would hold on to forever

Cos you are a rose among nettles

O dream girl,

You possess all the most delectable qualities

One could ever hope for; beauty, intelligence, creativity, kindness

Compassion and honesty to mention a few

For that I dream of you even when am awake

Cos you have the face that enchanted the men of all races


O dream girl,

You are my beautiful lifelong friend,

The only person I intend to spend the rest of my life with

Treating you with my recipe which I abbreviated as TLC;

Tender, Loving and care

I will pour into your ears a tale of burning love

I will shower you with rose petals

I will feed you with love the world has never seen

Cos you are one of a your kind

Like A moon among thousand stars


O dream girl,

The best I could do is to marry you,

For in you the spring run clear and clean

And our kids when we make one,

They will be perfect, perfect just like you are

Cos you are a gift to humanity and womanity

My dream girl my one and only,

For you I wait, only God can stop me



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