Starting with the end in mind(Poem)

You may write down

Your names as men who

Went down the archive of history

With golden pen

And leaving years later

with your shoulders high

Only when you start with the end in mind


With the end in mind

your story may end with a glorious ending

but with the opposite in mind,

your story may end with regrettable tales

Alas! it can still be avoided now only if

you start with the end in mind


Some may end up allowing the University

to pass through them

instead of them passing through the University

Cos many came, saw and conquered

While others came, saw and were conquered

but starting with the end in mind could be

A guiding principle


You’re all like new born babies;

All with a new slate that is devoid of any stains

its all up to you to decide what you want

to see on your slate at the end of your stay here

the end surely is a means to itself

only when you start with the end in  mind



To all new students of Faculty of Law, University of Jos, Nigeria


Elegy For our lost Jossites

This page is in loving memory of our fellow Jossites, who died on 20th May, 2014 when terrorists struck.

As I sit down here to write this, my heart is heavier than I can ever remember. The school management declared  Friday, 23th May, 2014 as a lecture free day to honour those students we lost in the blasts. As a fellow Jossite and a Nigerian, I mourn our loss and the contribution you all would have made to your nation and world at large.

Tuesday 20th May, 2014 was a sad day for our country and to the University of Jos community when two bombs exploded in terminus killing over 118 lives and injuring scores of others. Sadly, we lost 15 of our very own to the blast while others sustained various degrees of injuries. Seven out the fifteen were final year students of Medical laboratory science. They are Michael Ogbole, Francisca Nwafor, Lydia komolafe Dalapo, Milly Yusuf, Doris Gesumen, Vivian Chiamaka and Wungat. This is a great loss to Jossites and the nation in general.

Elegy is a sad lament. It’s a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem or a lament for the dead. I never had chance to meet any of these fellow Jossites. But the pain or death of any Jossite is of great concern to all Jossites because of our strong brotherhood and oneness. If death were something we could get used to, we would have. But alas no! Especially not in the manner and circumstances that led to the death of this great Jossites.

Throughout history, and across all religions, questions have been asked on why calamities are non-discriminatory; and why is it that sometimes good people suffer. And we all know that apparently good people are not spared of grief and calamity. We’ve lost good men and women who were at their prime, and full dreams for a better and possible tomorrow never saw the light of day. They were victims of circumstance. This is a calamity that could’ve happened to anyone.

I fear for my nation and generation. Our nation is falling apart before our very eyes. Our leaders have failed us— playing politics with human lives and failing to protect the lives of its citizens. I call us all with a big voice to come together regardless of our religion or tribe to champion a new phase for this nation, because we are the hope and future of this country and we cannot afford to wait or fail. The future started yesterday, we must act before it’s too late.

This a great loss to their families, immediate colleagues, friends, relations, Jossites, and the whole nation. May God be the judge of those behind this evil acts. We pray and hope that this may be the last of such attacks not only in Jos, but the nation at large.
Your deaths shall never be in vain. May God give us all the fortitude to bear this great loss.