Finding home


For the over two decades that I’ve lived on this earth,

I have always been homeless.

I have never had a home that I could call mine.

I thought of the idea of finding my home.

The idea of making that home my home and only home

And spend my forever with that home.

So I went all out in search of my home

I travelled all the length and breadth of the earth

Through the Saharas and worst of weathers

Searching for home

And in the process I saw many homes

Some were self-contain, while some a duplex

Some just a room and a parlor

Some were just single rooms

But none of the homes attracted me.

So I learnt that it’s not every house that is a home

Relentlessly I continued searching

Till I finally find home more than three years ago

Home wasn’t just a mansion or a big house

No, Home is a country home

It has all the delectable qualities needed in any great home

Home is exactly like I’ve always dreamt off and even more

More than I’ve always imagined

Don’t get me wrong, home is not perfect

Perfection belongs to the Creator alone

Home is an imperfect home

But I love home’s imperfections

They are the things I love the most in home

I tried everything humanly possible to make home my home

So I approached home

I wrote poems to home

I composed songs to home

I wrote love letters to home

I called and texted home numberless times

But to no avail

So I decided to go spiritual in order to get home

I prayed everyday because of home

I prayed all nights because of home

I fasted every week because of home

I gave more charity because of home

I helped the helpless because of home

All for God to reward me with home

But I’m still waiting and hopeful

After awhile away from home,

I missed home; I hope home misses me as well

I love home and hope home would love me back

Cos I want to spend my forever with and in home

And be the sole occupant of master’s bed room in home

Because no one is like home


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