A sad state of our nation


The enormously popular talk show, ‘Berekete’ on Wazobia FM, Abuja, told the incredible-yet-true story of a hard-working and respected school teacher somewhere in Plateau State who hanged himself. He hadn’t been paid salary for seven straight months. He came home to find that no-one had eaten and two of the children had medical prescriptions for which there was no money. He sneaked out without talking to anyone. After a long while, news came home that he had strangely been caught with a stolen goat.
On his day in court, the teacher confessed to the offense. The reason he stole, he told the local judge, was that he hadn’t been paid for seven months and when he got home to see what he saw, he just couldn’t stand it. The judge allowed him to go home on bail on self-recognition given, as he said, the good impression the entire village had of the otherwise respected teacher. All were shocked to find his body dangling from a tree the morning after. He couldn’t live with the shame.

This is the sad reality of us as a nation where a father cannot feed and cloth his children, cannot afford to send his children to school, pay their hospital bills and other necessaries. No functional institutions, insurgency in the North-East, ethnic crisis in the North-Central, ravaging poverty in the North-West, kidnapping in the South- East, Oil theft in the South-South, and arm-robbery in the South-west. This is our sad reality as a nation.

I strongly believe for Nigeria to work, Nigerians must have an attitudinal change towards our fatherland. We must have a rethink and national consciousness. It was Nelson  Mandela that said “If God is angry with a people, he gives leadership to the worse of them”. I believe new Nigeria is possible where every Nigerian will be proud to call him/herself a Nigerian. But that new Nigeria can only be possible when we have the collective will to make this change a reality -through seeing ourselves as solution to Nigerian problem or by electing those who are willing, able and desirous to bring the desired change our country needs. WE ARE NOT THERE YET. BUT I BELIEVE WE ARE STILL NOT FAR. MAY GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!


2 thoughts on “A sad state of our nation

  1. ok o. may Allah make us just leaders who will put ourselves in the shoes of our followers before making decisions and implementing policies .

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