LSS Election 2015: M.M. Adamu Declaration Speech


In the past one year, Comrade C.J. David has been governing our dear Law Students’ Society but in few weeks to come, a fresh election for the office of President and other executive offices would be conducted as our constitution demands.
I want to be the recipient of the baton. This is not a decision I take lightly, but one that I arrived at after a careful and persistent consideration as well as the need for a servant leader who places people over politics and service above all else. I took the decision to run for President of our great society in 2015 after a great deal of thought. I consulted widely with my family, friends and close political associates in the faculty and beyond.

I am running for President because I believe I can add value to the governance of a Society I love so much. My love for the Society and it’s people knows no limit. I love the diversity, the can-do spirit, and I believe in what LSS can be. And my passion to serve compels me once again to stand for what is right for all Law students, to make LSS what it can be. I offer myself as a Lawsite who is concerned about the state of the society and ways to make things better for my fellow students.

During the course of my consultation, I met with and heard from many fellow  Law Students across different levels about how we can continue to build the LSS of our dream. They told me about their expectation on how LSS can help in providing Law students with all the requisite information and programs that would make their stay in the faculty worth while.

Leadership to me is about making a difference. The challenges we face going forward are enormous. We all know these challenges because we face them every day in our daily lives as students of the Faculty. I promise you all that we are desirous of making a difference. My earned experience as student who is desirous to make an impact in his immediate constituency, it gives me a unique understanding of the critical issues of our time. I know how student union works. I also know how to attract programs that will add values to all Lawsites. I am ready for the challenge of building the LSS of our dream.

I have an agenda for the next one year to meet the hopes and aspirations of Law Students. If the great Law Students give me the privileged opportunity to be President, I shall implement a pan LSS agenda that offer viable solutions that specially reflect the views and wishes of all Law Students rather than those of special interests. I will focus on initiating programs that will make us better Law students who can compete with our colleagues from other Faculties of Law.

As the President of Law Students’ Society, I won’t kick the can down the road. I will confront every challenge that come our way because I understand the urgent need to give Law Students the great leadership they deserve. Doing all these will not be easy. But I believe it is do able. That is why I have decided to join the race to be the next President. I do here by seek your support to make this dream a reality and I assure you I won’t let you down.

I am ready to take up the unfinished business of building a LSS of our dream and making it greater because “THIS IS A TIME FOR GREATNESS”.

So join me. Together, we can make the new LSS possible. I care!!!

God bless LSS, Faculty of Law and God bless University of Jos.


3 thoughts on “LSS Election 2015: M.M. Adamu Declaration Speech

  1. Nice one,
    I pray God in his infinite mercies give you the WISDOM to lead his children in the University of Jos in the faculty of LAW.

  2. Signed sealed and delivered. Make sure you also put a word before the world as your address. Emulating great philosophers is not simply by repeating after them. i urge you to repeat and put in practice! Yes you can… I see a great man as time goes on who met 6 and made it 12 and 12 is 144 insha Allah!! M.M Adamu!

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